Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first visit to allow time
for consultation and preparation. I will massage the full appointment time.
Please be aware that your massage may take at least 15 extra minutes. If you
are in a hurry, please advise me of such and I will shorten your massage time.
If you have not had a massage before, or if you have had a negative experience
with a massage in the past, please let me know and we can discuss what would
make your massage experience the best possible. Please advise me of any
medical conditions for which massage may be detrimental. If you are unsure,
please call me ahead of time and we can discuss a plan for you.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or have any comments, please let me
know. Many people become chilly during their appointment; please advise me
if you are too cold or too hot. Although I am usually able to tell what
pressure is necessary, not everyone responds the same way. Please let me
know if the pressure is too soft or too much. Always comment if you feel
pain or discomfort! Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy requires
the client to give feedback for full effect. I have several different song
lists for different musical tastes. You can even bring your own ipod for
your session if you would like.

Drink lots of water for 24 hours to aid in flushing and removing toxins released
from tissues. You may feel some soreness the next day, expecially after deep
tissue work and trigger point release, as if you had been through a heavy workout.
If you feel pain rather than soreness, please call for advice. Gentle stretching
and soaking in a tub with warm water and epsom salts can help prevent and relieve
soreness. A series of sessions may be needed to relieve specific issues. We can
discuss a treatment plan including further massage sessions and exercises to be
done at home to strengthen and stretch target muscles.